Public Goal Sharing Goes On

O-oh. So in a coffee shop I overheard a Sales interview.

Telephone selling. Small basic. Cut on top, from 12-15 sales a week, roughly three to four hundred quid.

A description of induction and trial period highlighted a short time where six weekly sales are expected.

Then there was how each day and week starts.

Everybody shares their goals. With the whole team,

I felt unease at this.

From the recruiter’s monologue, these were not simply of the “I must reach ‘n’ people today’, ‘close deal ‘a’ by Thursday’, or even ‘progress ‘x’ opportunities’.

They were much more individual. Intrusive, in fact.

Detailed aims on specific sales as well as intimate hopes for personal ambitions.

These kinds of things are often the private preserve of manager-managee.

You might even be in a goal buddy environment, paired off with a mentor or peer.

And may actually be happily endorsed by those involved.

But to do this in public?

Well. I’m really not convinced about that.

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