Elon Can't Kill The Video Star

The 'tumultuous' takeover complete, the world's richest person looks set to fire half of all Twitter staff.

Hot on the heels of sacking the entire Board "for cause" (meaning no golden goodbyes), perhaps garnering less 'shocked' twitterati 'ratio-ing', is Musk's other pronouncement this week. That he's ending WFH.

Everyone to be summarily summoned back to the office.

We're seeing this all over.

Affronted execs feeling neutered by diminished 'control' demand that the office returns to its supposedly sacred status of 2019.

Not being there, they wail, is harmful to newbies, ideas and collaboration.

All of which, is nonsense.

And that coming from someone who likes being in an office.

So here's three reasons why you need to be on top of, across and pushing forwards what really makes selling-by-video sing.

1. no more WFH ≠ no more video meetings

How many solution selling operations run from a single building? And even in the practically zero that do, are all prospects, clients, partners, accessible within easy commute? Whether it be inter-branch, between sites, or across borders, video lets us now have greater volume of contact with more meaningful time spent than before. We're best off embracing that and the productivity boost it generates.

2. video option aids inclusion

It is a fact that many who felt disenfranchised prior 2020, report a mojo boost when then able to communicate via videolink. And more voices means better decisions. Not everyone relished each upcoming in-person diary event. I'm willing to posit that the rebalance is positive for sellers, with more people genuinely involved because of well-ran video calls.

3. where video is a big improvement

I remain staggered at those who dismiss the merits of video, specifically in relation to how sales used to be done. It is abundantly clear to me that those grabbing the opportunity to refashion their selling routines are gaining. We used to have three main mediums. Phone, mail, in-person. To those we now add a fourth; video. It is indisputable that there are some elements of your winning, standardised process for which were once done in one of those three traditional ways, they are supercharged by swapping now to a video meeting. I urge you to take the effort to make that so.

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