Elusive Incumbency Recipe

The tightest UK election perhaps ever looms.

I saw the MP for a constituency I know well interviewed on her hustings.

She’s held ultra-marginal Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997.

She put it down in no small part to “incumbency”.

Despite ferocious competition, she believed her response to voters swings it.

She claims to respond to every single email by the close of business each Friday.

She makes sure she personally signs every letter going out (no pp-ing).

She insists she is the first port of call. No filters.

And she aims to be always available to her constituents.

There’s definite crossover with b2b account management.

Speed of response. Proactivity. Availability. Type of response.

How are these built into your client care?

Are you making the most of the elusive power of incumbency?

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