Emptores non facit saltum & Plastic Prospects

I read recently about the battle for ideas in the field of evolutionary biology.

Which made me tense at the most misleading of phrases around this.

One sadly I hear in business conversation all too often;

'survival of the fittest'.


Overwhelmingly, 'fittest' is considered synonym for 'strongest'.

This is so wrong it really riles me.

The term 'fittest' actually, properly, relates the modern-day Quality label. As in most 'fit for purpose'.

And in Darwin's terms, this means 'most adaptive to change'.

How any organism adapts to their environment.

So I was delighted to discover one of Darwin's (and others from his time) guiding principles. (Especially as the 'mutationist' school apparently like to challenge it.) Namely;

Natura non facit saltum.

Nature does not make jumps.

I instantly thought on the perils of selling something 'new'.

And as we all likely have heard the Latin phrase for 'buyer beware' - caveat emptor - it isn't too difficult to swap out nature for buyer;

emptores non facit saltum.

This does not only apply to how you may well need to tweak how you sell in such scenario, but also a stark reminder of how the buyer may well be inclined in the face of what you propose.

Strangely, 'google translate' ignores the wealth of Darwinism. Suggesting in the place of jumps, 'leaps' [a fair enough synonym] and 'a pass' [not so].

Still, in similar fashion to genetic material making tiny imperceptible changes over unimaginably long geological spans to eventually add up to something noticeable, potential buyers whom embrace the 'jump' are in the minority.

In fact, the fabled 16pc minority [see my most recent preceding post touching upon this hallowed number].

Whilst the jostling school for 'plasticity' promotes some organisms capable of rapid jumps - even in a single generation - would such be possible in your prospects? And don't these examples merely prove our first-adopter ratio split?

If your pitch requires such a jump, then why waste your time on anyone from the refusenik 84pc?

Find those 'plastic prospects' and those alone.

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