One word for today;


Yesterday saw England comfortably put Australia to the sword. Building on their awesome championship winning Twenty20 World Cup campaign, they put to bed the utter shambles that was last year’s belittling at the hands of the old foe in the 50-over form.

As our cricketers celebrated in the middle, the winning runs coinciding with a delightful century from wonderboy Eoin Morgan, the camera panned up to the changing room. Just inside, right next to the door, the last thing you see as you walk out to the middle, there was a large sign. About two foot long, it looked like a cardboard poster put up especially for the occasion rather than for usual occupants Hampshire (due to its colours co-ordinating with the current England livery and obvious tacks seemingly holding it only temporarily in place). On a dark blue background, in white capital letters was that single word; ENJOYMENT.

Given the tensions apparently strangling the England footballers at the World Cup this first week in South Africa, it’s a neat reminder that whatever you do, enjoying it should be a prime emotion. And that surely applies as equally to selling as it does to sport.

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