How Do You Handle Pressure?

A delicious commentary compares people currently failing to handle pressure that have been able to in the past with those that still can. It majors on sport stars from the Telegraph’s Jim White.

As a salesperson you are in the one group of employees typically swamped by pressure. By adapting a few juicy quotes, you can gauge whether you are handling it well or not. Any of these ring a bell?

lost all notion of how you might resolve a problem?

blundering and evasive, ducking questions?

unable to behave as if you know the solution?

suddenly faced with the ceiling of your aptitude?

applying the systems you’ve always applied and seeing them unravel before your eyes?

If so, pressure is clearly not your friend at the moment. To change this state, here are a few pointers provided:

regain nerveless confidence in your own ability to do the job

find such self-certainty

make pressure hold no fear

get the resources behind you to survive the ordeal

Easier said than done, I grant you, but if you need a plan, best to start crafting one now.

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