Episelling Diet Update

A doctor recently reminded me of epigenetics. Through the mystery surrounding changed traits via organ transplants which somehow alter recipient behaviour by adopting characteristics of the donor.

I recalled I'd found Sales merit in this concept before. Ten years back.

One example cited was how post-op, a previously committed vegan suddenly became an avid steak eater (or vice versa). Suddenly taking on the unfamiliar meal habits of the gifting person.

I realise our understanding of this is far from fully formed. So beware entering perilous territory of pseudo-science style debate afflicting the likes of say, homeopathy.

In part, this brought to mind the outset of the spreadsheet. It's fair to say the early users didn't quite grasp the new tool's power.

They would apparently use the 'sheet' to type up their numbers, then manually tot them up, off-screen. Using the display as their guide, pocket calculator by their side.

On numerous occasions, I've encountered people that refuse to countenance using a new workplace app.

They've always done their tasks the old way.

We know, and their colleagues know, that life would be so much better if they'd drop the shackles of yesterday's way. Yet the adoption block remains.

Maybe it is not the 'app' as new organ that's vital.

It is the different workflow it enables.

The altered (improved) input and output requirements.

How work, knowledge, data is delivered to them. And they then pass on.

We often - seller and prospect alike - fixate on the app.

Yet it can really be the process we are changing that is the true lever.

Selling 'process change' alas, is not a sexy, solid or even sustainable, hook.

Nor maybe the value improvement we unleash.

When we seek to help someone switch their dietary preference in any way, perhaps we ought rebalance our perspective. Less of the 'what', more of the 'how', that we aim to change.


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