Establishing Value Objection Handle

I was in the room when this fascinating conversation took place. Between a S African accountant and his firm’s chosen outside IT helper.

It appeared his hourly rate was R285.

His client derided this as too low.

The fixer then said he deliberately used this rate so that he could win more customers.

This didn’t wash with his interrogator.

Apparently the typical rate in the middle ground was around 350. The best guys at least 450.

If you’re too cheap people won’t respect you

Charge more because you do more work in less time as you’re good

This was the logic put forward by the numbers guy.

He even suggested that for some types of work he could charge 600.

It struck me as a decent objection handle for the ‘too pricey’ chestnut.

Remember, when you are more, it is for a reason. You are better, somewhere. Keep that in mind and make sure your prospect recognises so.

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