Familiarity Breeds Success

Got stuck for a while in a reception this morning.  Among the drivel of z-list celeb mags was a publication called Psychologies.  When viewing the contents the horror of my perception was confirmed, as it looked like a long list of self-help rubbish for losers.

My thumb-through uncovered one gem though, apparently from Sam Houston State Uni in America by some Prof Randell Garner.

He reckoned perceptions of similarity win you the day in life.  In my terms, I often find myself in situations where my expertise in one topic is tapped into.  Yet this research reminds me to, in fact, step back from that approach and empathise that I’m really in the same boat as the prospect.

He cited feelings of association and increased liking that go hand in hand with familiarity, even down to the point that you gravitate sub-consciously towards people with similar sounding names or even just ones with the same letters as you.

All I need to do now is find someone called Dale Spordes, and I’ll make a million. Any more anagrams, please pass them on, they’ll be gratefully received 😉

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