Farming for the 21st Century Triple Pitch

"Precision technology enables farmers to lower their input costs, increase their crop yields, and improve their productivity."
Parag Garg, Chief Digital Product Officer, CNH Industrial

I read this in a magazine earlier in the year.

I instantly nodded, approvingly.

Whatever its veracity - and it really ought have factual foundation - a lovely example of the Rule of Three.

I am indeed a fan of the hendiatris. Summing up your wonders with a trio of key points in one sentence. A trifecta of sunlit upland desires. The tricolon touching the hot buttons of the potential buyer.

One of my first moves in New Product Rescue days was to workshop with the salesteam their own version(s).

When I made my lockdown mandated move into formalising my video call mastery, I too created such poetic triangles [grammar pendants note I here use the Oxford comma, as above], like this ternary;

For those sellers wanting their video meetings with prospects to enjoy more engagement, gain greater commitment, and complete more actions.

The agricultural example builds on elements readily extrapolatable towards a financial uplift.

Costs lowered, stock swelled, time unlocked.

In my endeavours, I later crafted something similar too.

Although naturally, as with many a solution intervention, there are several levers at play. Of which the precise attribution to one alone can be, well, blurry.

Lately, the threesome I've noted prospects have wanted to riff on is less blatantly cash orientated;

If you're looking to add a special extra piece to your video call repertoire, get more out of them overall, or ensure being distinctive from competition.

Going back to the example up top, I might offer something like this;

Video call tweaking enables solution sellers to lower their lost bid rates, increase deal till-ring, and improve sales cycle times.

Yes, this may come across as a bit generic, too topline, for me personally. But the theme remains valid. Can you create one for your pitch?

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