In Sync With Your Prospect?

Here's a definition for you;

Synchronicity, the “acausal connecting principle”, or Meaningful Coincidences.

I remember as a lad reading a jumble found paperback of Fleming's Bond caper, Goldfinger. I was taken with how the novel's chapters were broken down into three sections. I have used them as a Sales slide dialogue sparker over time;

Happenstance, Coincidence, Enemy Action.

I remember many cases down the years when I realised prospect was destined to be buyer. Specifically when they latched on to a particular coincidence linking us.

A freak piece of confirmation bias perhaps. Yet I felt they generally made the key difference.

From sharing the same alma mater, through reading and wishing to act upon the same obscure business instructional book at the time, to have privately thought about developing in a separate area where I'd already independently done so.

And how often have you made first contact with a suspect, to hear the incredible response akin to, "I've just been thinking about that".

Luck being that place where planning meets opportunity.

The Law of Seriality sought to provide a taxonomy for the patterns in coincidences that seemed to occur more often than they should by pure chance.

Suggesting maybe, that you can make them happen.

Or at the least, allow them to be seen.

A sellers version of 'priming'?

There's plenty of coincidences that might endear a prospect to you more than any competing suitor.

One example comes from the arena of shared purchases.

On a personal level, I knew a colleague who once gained a client when they discovered they both owned a certain classic car, and unbeknown were members of its owners club.

Professionally, what product, service or method exists that you use and your prospect does too?

If you think back on one coincidence - or to remove any distracting mystique, co-occurrence - that worked in your favour, then maybe you can add it as an extra flag on your account traits crm and see if it helps nudge your forecasting success a notch higher.

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