Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

Welcome to the hottest euphemism right now. Courtesy of Space X engineers.

The title of this post being the term they use to describe a mission-ending explosion.

They also initial-ise it. Forming the word, RUD.

Footage of their flight today, the largest rocket ever launched, shows the moment in the distance where the booster ejection failed, blowing up spectacularly.

But. The rocket did successfully clear the tower. Launch phase achieved.

So not a complete disaster.

As one British astronaut commented at the time, "test, learn & try again".

It's a timely reminder of how our own Sales seldom, if ever, take that beautiful smooth trajectory to their happy destination. As for first-time, well...

What this also brought to mind, was a way in which to broach discussion around failure with prospects. From the niggly to the catastrophic it can be difficult to get into such subject matter. Yet could be crucial in establishing our fit to their requirements, and their belief in our unique ability to help them.

Many a meme blasted across our screens in the aftermath of this crash.

Some we can take inspiration from. Remix for ourselves. Disarm our audience.

Or we could simply ask the question.

What 'rud' are we seeking to avoid? Then open up conversation on how to steer clear of such unwelcome calamity.

If that feels a tad too provocative, you can always deploy a touch of a wrongthinking vibe. Asking instead about what they'd definitely not want to see happen, or what they know would not be the right things to aim for or do.

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