Get More

That's a current ad for US tech mag, Wired.

I quite liked it.

So decided to make one of my own.

A septet of straps for an ad on what you get out of commissioning me for guidance on sales video calls.

Get More Deals
Get More Buy-In
Get More Buzz
Get More Time
Get More Distinctiveness
Get More Motion
Get More Done

That was literally an instant, not even sixty-second, brain dump. Stopping at the seventh, mimicking the ad total.

[Incidentally, a lovely little team sales meeting slot vibe, in the mould of classic 8-minuter jolt, where you can ask the assembled throng to come up with their own, then share, compare and riff on sales-ware. And try settle on a slide of your own for it.]

Not bad, for a first-pass, I thought.

Then asked ChatGPT.

It took me a little while longer to engineer my prompt. Especially as I wanted to gauge its immediate response alone. It soon enough rattled off these ten;

  • Get More Sales
  • Get More Engagement
  • Get More Conversions
  • Get More Trust
  • Get More Feedback
  • Get More Referrals
  • Get More Opportunities
  • Get More Clarity
  • Get More Control
  • Get More Confidence

You can spot the difference straight away.

A difference that, I feel as of right now, shows up with pretty much all this kind of writing it generates.

Mine has personality. (I think!) It also hopefully reveals someone with deep knowledge and vast experience in the field. And my syntax feels, to me at any rate, that bit quirkier and therefore more real.

The AI-bot kinda sticks to words veering towards the banal, business bingo end of the spectrum. Nothing inherently wrong in there. But no memorable sparkle.

Interestingly, I too did think of Sales and Engagement. Quite the coincidence also as my first two thoughts. But in your micro-second of internal debate, deliberately switched them up for Deals and Buy-In. Not quite the same things, yes. But as regular readers may well sense, I typically seek to convey points in non-generic, living character.

As an aside, I did ask for a re-run. Specifically seeking "pizzazz". Sadly the results went backwards.

Upon politely (I know) pointing this out, the bot replied, "You're absolutely right, my apologies. Let me try again with some more pizzazz". Then preceded to serve up similar drivel. With the possible exception of Get More Closings [sic].

I must say though that I'm glad I never stipulated a limit of seven. As those trio beyond that are crackers. Namely; Clarity, Control & Confidence.

It made me think of doing nine. In a 3-by-3 way. A B-C-D approach. All I need do is think of another B to go with Buzz and Buy-In. Simply, Business, perhaps?

But I really like Motion. So maybe not that.

One final request of the bot - well, three as it turned out with several clarifying exchanges in-between - and here's other options 'completing the phrase Get More';

Spontaneity, Groove, Vibrancy, Enthusiasm, Imagination, Clout, Moxy.

Better. Yet still verging on vague, random thesaurus-pong. And further still, no match with any of my instinctive septuple.

Regardless, another neat example of remixing an ad you like. Adapted to your world.

How might yours look?

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