Fashion Design Coffee Pod Recycler Stitched Up By Edit

Fancy a bespoke, handmade dress that’s graced the catwalk for just £10,000?

One crafted from recycled coffee machine capsules?

Then enterprising young Brummie design wunderkind Rhys Ellis is yer man. His innovation came building upon a Milan market stall lady’s coffee pod earrings. He’s catching the eye of the fashion world. Yet I couldn’t help feeling for him at the hands of his local media.

In a two-minute slot on regional news, his piece to camera ‘revealed’ where he wants to go;

“Eventually I want to have a brand which goes from accessories to ready-to-wear to conceptual pieces. It’s creating a whole identity for myself. That’s the goal.”

Surely, his true driving force was not ego-driven, but had something closer to a focus on genuine customer desires. A theme pinched by the reporter in conclusion;

“And after the success of the coffee pods, Rhys is hoping all his future designs will be made using recyclable and sustainable materials.”

Herein lies the rub. In selling we’re often lulled into the aspiration talk. It is a trap. Just ask any freshly bursting popstar. It doesn’t take long before they realise speaking about their ambition in interviews must be reined in.

Your destination. Your pride. Your driving force.

Whenever you’re asked about these, you must have a reply ready made. One that places the person paying your bills at its heart.

Then you too might avoid suffering the kind of following bewilderment exhibited by the news show’s anchor…

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