Fashion Trend Colour Inspiration

pantone fashion season Aut14 trend colours

Someone I was chatting to the other day mentioned how hard it was to be colourful in your slide themes. Frustration builds when faced with conservative clients and their monotone logos. Or should that be the other way around?

I first mentioned that a kaleidoscopic dazzling rainbow of a palette is not the way to be more memorable than your competition.

If you are looking for an unusual, yet stylish, colour scheme, then you can surf for the latest hip shades.

These pics top and bottom are from colourmaker Pantone. Nicely summarising the catwalk trends each season. Gents though don’t despair, as plenty of places around the web help out with the right colours for you too.

You need only select a couple that blend well.

Likewise, if clothing fashion is not quite the anchor you’re after, then there are options aplenty from just about any industry. From best selling cars to most downloaded album covers to must cook new dishes.

Then there’s always the chance to hook alongside a photo that sums up your project. And use apps or the classic Kuler site to pinpoint accompanying hues.

Even if your audience does have just the single, bland colour all over their branding, don’t despair. Of the supposedly 1.7m choices, there are plenty of colours that will both contrast and combine with them to enliven your message. You’ll find several free apps that’ll help you here. The internet is your friend…

pantone fashion season Spr14 trend colours

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