Where Conscious Uncoupling Can Bring You Closer To Your Sale


As you probably realise, I do love a cheeky newsjack.

In workshops and presentations I’ve long found that utilising a piece of live pop culture is a good way to help you stand out, engender livelier debate and build a stronger relationship on any sale.

I was reminded of just one such fertile example recently when sculpting a post on Wales’s favourite call centre. News of the break-up of celebrities who straddle the globe (she as Hollywood A-Lister, he as lead singer with colossal global band) saw pretty much everyone I know pass judgement.

The key hook seemed to be the phrase used by them; conscious uncoupling.

I even caught the American woman that coined this phrase explain it on talk radio. It seems part of her programme that reduces the pain of such proceedings as well as lay firmer groundwork for future interaction.

Pretty much any word starting with a ‘k’ sound could be your launchpad. Yet practically any interesting word could suit. Then add the prefix un-. My musing that triggered this thought off was around the concept of switching suppliers; uncustomering.

Several ‘hard c’ options immediately struck me. Whether your audience is your own sales team or a key client;

coldcalling, changing, quitting, cost-increasing, cluttering

Some may have dual application. For example, ‘conscious uncustomering’ may herald a programme where you focus salespeople on replacing a specific incumbent, or it may impress potential clients with how you take the pain out of relieving them of said vendor’s shackles.

I also personally relish the opportunities that an initiative you name #consciousuncoldcalling could present to your Sales efforts.

It did occur to me that there may be the rare chance that this, unbeknown to you, could touch a sensitive nerve. Just in case someone in your audience is upset at their own present messy divorce proceedings, this meme must be put in positive light. A way to ameliorate an obviously sticky situation. The like of which renders each party better off than they otherwise might have been.

My image above borrows from the hashtag vibe I noted last Summer, and uses this season’s apparent hottest male clothes palette (but your corporate colours could work well too). It is an easy way to make a decent slide that’ll stick in people’s minds and introduce a key edge.

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