Father's Bok Advice

Naas Botha. Hailed as one of the all-time great rugby fly-halves. Even left his native S Africa for a stint kicking for the Dallas Cowboys in their ridiculous national pastime. The first game he ever saw live was one he played in, against L.A.

In a syruppy conversation show, he ran through his many career taking points.

He revealed one genuine, fascinating insight. The best piece of advice he was ever given was from his Dad.

don’t worry about showing how good you are, just do your job

So many salespeople fall into this potential trap too.

It normally manifests itself in what you’d call ‘over-selling’.

Know the old adage, ‘when you’ve sold, shut up’? Well, it exists for a reason.

Also, why do so many a-reps showboat in presentations? Those five extra slides might make you feel great about yourself, as they let you show off how good you think you are, but they’re overkill. And only likely to turn the prospect off you.

Just focus on doing your job. And like with Botha, glory will follow.

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