Festooning Festive Vids

Above (& below) is a lo-res rendering of a virtual background in my colours of Video Calls That Sell.

A few days ago I was in a video meeting where most attendees used a christmassy backdrop as provided by central design. Basically their logo inside festive flourishes.

Nothing wrong with that. I'd already made this flavour, deliberately pared down. A touch of crimble minimalism. And made sure my attire duly suited the frame view projected.

Such virtual treatments do have their place. Not for our setting though, the 'novelty' option. Unless you're in a safe group, at this time of year, maybe...

In general, a virtual background can lead to the same kinds of fuzzy edges to your portrayal as selecting the blurry treatment. We're pretty used to this nowadays. And it's perfectly acceptable to mask any distraction or utilise the privacy these can provide your fellow participants and you.

I noted random rolling news talking heads are often happy to show their sparkly credentials. In particular, appearing alongside a bejewelled yuletide tree.

Let's start with a handful of traditional me-plus-trees.

From the 'casual' living room, to the first-timer.

Watch for that dazzle. A natural glow comes from these sisters.

From centrepiece to the partially obscured.

Which doesn't only apply to the platinum disc sellers. Here's a London home with two trees. And they're not afraid to be shown.

A nod to the near ubiquitous christmas jumper. Ho-Ho-Ho. Their other though, gets pretty much the full block.

A classic reminder to frame what's behind you.

To offset with the curated tv studio upright option.

Having done plenty of short, sharp video calls standing up, don't forget the whiteboard/flip-chart variant. Can a drawn tree annotated help get across the layers of the issue at hand? Go easy on the fairy lights and tinsel.

A trio of Americans.

Reflective. As are the ringlights here.

Reframe? And finally, when it is decidedly not cold outside, santa hat n'all.

That bobbin' headband is actually mistletoe.

Party time.

One other point I'd mention, is that I seldom see use of the frieze.

If you feel compelled to give your zoomscape a dose of festive cheer, then in the absence of spruce, a line of lights, glitter or sellotaped cards can dangle from the top of the wall behind you.

You needn't go the full bah-humbug, but there is likely at least a little seasonal touch keeping the right side of professional that can help endear you to those with whom you meet.

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