Find That One Game Changer

Oh wonder of wonders, England are menacing the rest of the pack at a global cricket tournament. As we blasted to the latest Twenty20 final, the best commentator around, Nasser Hussain, revealed yet another mindset attributed to 70s/80s uber-skipper Mike Brearley. Loosely summarising, it runs,

There must be one thing that you can do to change the game, whatever the state. Think of it, pick it and see it through.

He mentioned this in the context of a side struggling to contain a rampant opponent who looked like they’d already given up the ghost. He then rattled off a measure or two that could be tried and make the seemingly impossible happen.

There’s many a sales campaign I have seen prevail that not-so-long before glory were way behind in the running. What can you do in such situation to change the game?

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