Gathering and Processing

In downtime I recently watched the ever-entertaining super-survivor Ray Mears. In Wild Foods, he fed himself the way our Mesolithic ancestors ate.

He was particularly keen to try an usual fruit juice, where it’s prickly bush and delicate berry potentially proved troublesome. Of course, our man hatched a plan.

It gave rise to a fascinating insight into solution selling.

He remarked how relatively quickly he could gather the berries, yet the processing of them took proportionately way longer.

To gather, he braved the pain of the thorns to squeeze the bunches of berries and juice into a bucket. To process, he then had to skim out seeds, twigs and various other inedible flora.

We forever chase innovative ways of unleashing killer data from inside our prospects that indisputably nails our case.

This can often be uncovered in a forum of just an hour or two. Yet what is often not quite factored in, is precisely how long it takes to make sense of. When you add to this the need to present it with punch, the processing time can be a real pain. The parallels are striking, and whenever expectations are being set, build in as much time as possible for ‘processing’.

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