Find The Valuta

valuta n. the value of one currency with respect to its exchange rate with another; foreign currency, eg, “these internal flights supply valuta to the cash-starved confederation”

The above is the definition as served up by google for the term valuta.

You tend to hear those with a different mother tongue use the term when speaking English. Which is a shame, because although rare in English, it feels a label with a number of useful applications. Especially, I suggest, for us in Sales.

If you take it as the equivalent between two different measures of something financial, then there are many routes.

I am reminded of the once (long ago) worthy weekly business rag The Economist and their Big Mac Index. On their back page of finance info, they’d print both the exchange rate movements. Next to it, the price in every country in US Dollars for the ubiquitous burger. One idea being, that a true exchange rate was better captured from a non-tradable good across borders. Today, a Heineken Index may be a better such guide, for instance.

Compare your benefits in terms of the value they will bring to a comparable equivalent in the prospect mind

This ‘value’ needn’t be purely financial. Although just about anything can (and should) be boiled down to the hard cash amounts.

The concept of ‘exchange’ could be powerful too. What is being given in return? What is it in terms of units of another ongoing or historical project?

Then there is usage as synonym for foreign currency in itself. Where foreign currency is equivalent to a particular category of sales revenues, there is also scope for a selling angle. Are there new revenues to gain? From a new or existing space?

Or its flip. Where savings afresh may be realised.

I also note other definition slants. Like ‘monetary system (of a country or state)’. Which could introduce the conversation around the viewpoint of the ‘central bank’ of your project. What characteristics must any money committed (invested), released (terms) and eventually (over specific time scales) accrued have?

My main point is to shape the debate. And then partly, that the chances of your competitor evoking ‘valuta’ in their prospect discourse is practically nil. So you can both cement a distinguishing feature, as well as uniquely frame the decision criteria around your benefits.

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