Finesse Your Ambition To Be Recognised As Reachable

bathroom cubicle lock broken

A broken lock. On a cafe bathroom cubicle door.

At a place I quite like. Handy location. Management that know the score. Although the waitrons can be a bit of a lucky dip, they mostly smile and the food often does its welcome job.

Yet – as with anywhere of its ilk – sometimes there’s fraying evident around the edges.

My pic of the busted door a case in point.

One aspect I learned of from the bosses I warmly applaud.

They instruct the staff that they should strive to display finesse.

The only snag with this, is that I’ve observed practically none of them demonstrate any distinct allegiance to such cause.

My feeling is not that they don’t necessarily care about it. Think it applies only to everyone else. Or they don’t need to work too hard for their money.

It’s more that right now they are a step or two away from the lofty ambition.

On occasion, you can get the typical eaterie issues.

Menus unpresented. Orders misdelivered. Food below par. Service delays. Item knowledge absent. Etiquette not grasped.

Finesse seems an out-of-sight pinnacle. A distant apex of a hierarchy where the basic, bottom-rungs need more urgent attention.

It reminds a little of when sales management talk about the big quota number all the time. When they’d be better served atomising a touch. Working through the lower levels of the pyramid first.

Cart before horse springs to mind.

Yes, by all means trumpet what’s at the summit. But remember you mustn’t neglect the slopes that need to be scaled on the way there.

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