The fire extinguisher emoji seems having its moment in the spotlight.

As with all social media storms, there's a chance a divisive undercurrent lurks deep in there somewhere, but let's take this at face value for now.

Its existence appears to portray the wish to dismiss the post of another. To expunge, excise, 'extinguish' their thoughts, words or actions.

There feels a simple Sales crossover.

I think too particularly of the Year-End Wrap and SKO season widely upon us.

Somewhere there is the presence of that we wish to put out, douse, or prevent spreading.

Chance for a slide to prepare damage prevention. A smoke detector primed. Be ready to break glass.

It could, as per the trio of extinguishers' usage, be a single item of the undesirable,

Or you could have more than one, making for a bulleted list with a few such collected avoidances as required. For which we can use each emoji as our bullet point marker.

The point isn't so much the recognition or highlight of that we ought quash. But perhaps how to duly smother their destructive blaze.

No matter where on the continuum of cause from force majeure to arson its ignition.

If we can identify the source of the flame, so much the better.

And lead to a New Year where no uncontrolled wildfire scorches our earth.

Candidates likely abound in your world. Objections, attitudes, falsehoods, traps, excuses. The mistaken actions we could maybe make. Or those of others; from marketplace, prospects, competition.

Things we will not tolerate as we march on, all the way through to alert and on the lookout for.

Let's grab hold of the nozzle, know where to aim, and control that conflagration.

fire extinguisher bauble on a christmas tree, as imagined by ᴀɪ ...

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