Five Words To Ruin A Date


Listening to local Capetonian radio last Thursday, Ryan O’Connor’s breakfast crew duly opened up the lines for a feature; #FiveWordsToRuinADate.

(Which turns out to have been a global trending phenomenon.)

Typically, the Cape Towners were full of humour.

On the station’s own webpage on this later, I noted eight answers listed. You got to shake your head at

my ex never did that


I was surprised many that I’d heard in the morning rush-hour weren’t listed. There were some corkers. Note the first one is in reference to the loathed fierce rival JoBurg rugby team;

I support the Blue Bulls
I stay with my mum
I’m back with my husband
Who’s paying for this meal?
Where’s your Instagram filter now?

This naturally gave me a Sales idea.

A cheeky little 20-minute workshop.

Quarterly conference waker-upper. Weekly meeting mixer-upper.

You can even reference those 5 date-ruining words to disrupt and re-engage any wondering minds.

5 words that ruin a [insert noun of choice]

Simple. And as for that noun…

pitch, objection-handle, close, presentation, demo, competitor pitch, chief-exec-summit, cold call

You can make them as broad or narrow as you like. Global to individual (new) product feature focused.

You can then have a worthy brief discussion about how to first avoid said ruiners. And then how to tackle them should they hit you.

Yes, there will be some comedy. Yes, it’s not to be taken too seriously at the outset.

But done right, there will I guarantee be a gem emerge.

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