Don't Hide Behind Two-Point-Zero

Over brekkie this morning I caught the promotion of ‘soft skills’ in schools.

One time UK telly Dragon’s Den investor, James Caan, is the drive’s figurehead.

On that show his performances were largely underwhelming.

Yet he made a mint founding then selling seventeen years on a recruitment firm.

Although having seen him cajoled to talk with a ‘live’ prospect on a real-life agent’s floor, it is a long long time since he must have done that himself. Still…

The line that made my head turn occurred whilst he described said soft skills. From memory;

When I started out we were encouraged to pick up the phone and build relationships.

Yet today people just hide behind email or Twitter or whatever.

Whoa. I am sorry to observe that there’s too many a salesroom I’ve been in over recent years where this is shockingly true.

The word “hide” clearly meant to convey something way wrong.

One day LinkedIn appeals as the winner. Next day it must be to mail chief exec PAs. The following week over to Facebook. And on it goes.

Landing nowhere in particular.

Let’s take Caan’s message to heart.

Why do all your existing relationship exist?

On what foundation did they start?

How come they were keen to consider a conversation?

Deploy the good old ‘know-what-problem-you-resolve’ approach.

Then pick up the phone…

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