Fox News Facts Fail


Here’s a man apologising.

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister no less called him a “complete idiot”

On American rolling news tv he made the statement that Birmingham was a “totally Muslim city” and no-go for the Anglo-Saxon English.

As my old home town – which I still know well through family ties – he apologised to me and many others for his “inexcusable” insult.

The media duly reported legions of twitter responses through the hashtag #foxnewsfacts.

This led me to discover a number of misleading graphics the channel has broadcast.

Hereth follows lessons in what-not-to-do…

First up, here’s a trio showing how attempts to manipulate a gap should be avoided;

foxnewsfail bushtaxcuts foxnewsfail obamacareenrollment foxnewsfail welfare v jobs

Those pesky y-axis floors, hey.

But wait. You can fiddle the x-axis too. Our reminder to keep the timescale accurate;

foxnewsfail costofgas

And lastly for today, the importance of getting your percentages adding up to 100;

foxnewsfail 2012repbulicannominees

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