Flower Of Life Product Backdrop Detail

coldplay2015cdfront igcrop400l

Make mine water of life, thanks.

Coldplay. Adept at producing rollicking half-albums. As the joke goes, nobody’s favourite band. Yet an awful many people’s second-favourite. Perennial silver medallists. And hugely successful.

So as you see with my instagram screenshot up top, a seventh album imminent heralds the cover artwork tease for their 1.7m followers.

Not particularly inspiring this time around sadly. From an outfit who’s first effort produced the wonderful irony of a spinning ten-quid toy globe.

I’m not here to dissect any laziness of using the geometric ‘flower of life’ pattern. Rather what they posted a fortnight later. The physical cd. I remember them. More precisely, its back cover with attendant track listing.

coldplay2015cdback igcrop400l

Let’s skip over the fact that track ten is an image. They title it Colour Spectrum. Which also brings interesting options for our solution sales presentation design.

You immediately realise the back of such jewel case is not square. Yet their artistic decision makers chose not to post a simple digital version of the work.

No, rather it is atop a wooden bench style table.

Which you know because you can see the gaps in the slats.

I wondered how long someone agonised over how to post this image.

What should the setting be? Tabletop! But what kind of surface? What gives off the vibe of the band’s brand? What makes the right … statement? Wood! Natural, environmental, solid, dependable? But which way should the slat gaps go? And so on…

My point is, here is a multi-million operation. They’ve thought about this presentation.

So must we when we project pics of our products.

Perhaps after all, the default option is to crop a jpeg.

Marketing would love that.

But what about applying just a touch of special thought?

You needn’t become a glossy magazine stylist here. But there will be some way you can subtly add that memorable sparkle, attitude, message, personality to what you wish is bought. And so for you and your prospect make possible, ahem, #aheadfullofdreams.

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