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I hope I’m not being too unkind labelling Trevor Baylis as eccentric. Yet having recently seen the chaotic state of his houseboat he does seem to fit the madcap genius inventor stereotype.

I’d heard of him before. When he conjured up the wonderful wind-up radio. Yet it seems he missed out on just rewards. “Thanks to patenting laws, which he says swindled him out of millions in royalty payments.”

He now seeks to help fellow creators avoid similar pitfalls.

He invites inventors to subscribe to his advice.

His initial contractual documentation asks a number of questions about the idea.

After the first – its name – the second shows his thinking clearly;

Problem Solved:

Please say briefly what problem your idea solves

Not what it does. Not what it costs. Not how it looks.

The first real question is on the problem solved.

It’s a salutary lesson to all with a new product in their bag.

Focus on the problem you solve. And that alone.

How are you doing so with your latest fresh item?

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