Follow The 70:30 Rule

A kind of semi-review this, as just before popping towards Covent Garden for drinks with some pals, I was rewarding myself for doing all the must-send mails by the end of the week by reading news items on the web.  One of them lead me to  The review of the book introduced all sorts of stuff, but I immediately saw potential sales value in research on which “Lonely Hearts” Personal Ads worked wonders.

Apparently (!) these are typically 25 words only.  Whether your audience are boys or girls, research shows there is an undisputed winning formula.  It introduces the “70:30 Rule”.  You must spend 70% of the time talking about yourself, and only 30% about your intended soulmate.

How often have you agonised over an email to a suspect that’s giving you the run around?  This could be an ideal approach 🙂  Next time someone’s shown interest, yet seems to be trying to give me the slip, I’m going to write an email like a “Personal”; 25 words, 18 about me, 7 about them…… (sounds tough!)

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