Keep Demos Short

Over lunch I read an American article on presentation lessons for software demonstrators that could ‘have prospects buying without even asking the price’.  Trying hard to contain my drooling, I did note there was one good point among the seven steps proposed.

Apparently, prospects get overwhelmed with more than two features.  I fancy this is the same whatever you’re showing, demo-ing or presenting.  Here’s their spin:

“If you become a demonstration fire hose, the customer will simply shut down and put you off by saying something like, “I’ll think it over,” at the end of the demonstration.”

This is great advice.  Many are the times I’ve thought (and passed on to my charges) that the best ‘demos’ are where you only show one thing and move on.

It really is a case of ‘less is more’.  I’ve recently started trying to garner a guaranteed next step by saying “I’ll show you one small thing and if you like it, we can reconvene for ore detail”.

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