Assessing Reps

Been dealing with a thoroughly engaging Scotsman recently that sells software all over Europe, Asia Minor and Africa.  When I last met him, he was bemoaning the lack of an Angolan visa, thwarting some of his current ambitions.

He gave me a fascinating insight into how his bosses tried to evaluate and motivate him.  They have a formulised process featuring a PDI – Personal Development Interview.  His latest was with a Chief Exec based in America (Houston).  During the ‘interview’, the boss demonstrated typical CEO behaviour, even chucking a whiteboard marker in the bin in marvel at how a $100m company could possibly have pens that don’t work lying around 😉

Anyway, in a scene David Brent would recognise, when going through the personal scores, the CEO explained the scale of responses as follows:

‘you mark on a one to five scale – 5 means you’re shit hot, 1 means you suck!’

Something to take into your next appraisal perhaps….

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