The Dignity Of Labour

Surprisingly not a reference to experimental Human League 1980ish singles pre-Dare, rather seeing how the libertarian inspiration of Charles Murray should enthuse sales people that don’t want to pick up the phone to take action.

I saw an interview with former (London) Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil over the weekend where he talked about how the British underclass was different in key respects to their American counterparts.

Such people in the UK, predominantly white although that’s apparently inconsequential, just don’t get that to have any job, no matter how menial, provides dignity and purpose, and as a result Britain is going to suffer.

I was reminded of a young man that worked for me in Cape Town called Gareth.  Lovely lad, he went through an uncomfortable period with one customer he dealt with.  I could see it was stressing him out as they were being unreasonably over-demanding.   His response was; “two words – English Literature.  When I was at school I hated the subject, hated the teacher.  I knew to get a different teacher the next year, I’d have to do better, so I knuckled down.  It was the hardest thing to do, but I got my goal when Grade A came my way”.

What a winner.  So, pick up the phone, you never know where it’ll lead…..

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