Following The Science Triptych

I heard an interesting assessment of the three bases for decision-making;


Lack of Evidence


The talk radio discussion examined in part why a distinctive number of country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic differed so notably from those which appeared to be successful.

The line of the British government is very much that they “follow the science”.

Some economists and those too ignorant to care of the at risk (predominantly) elderly tear out their hair. Or worse, refuse to stay home.

Yet science is not in consensus. About this prevailing issue nor most others. It is always asking questions. Testing hypotheses. Shifting convention. A healthy state. When facts change, so may opinions.

I thought of these three panels writ large as headings on a trio of whiteboard column headings.

They feel useful on a bid. A mini session with a supportive prospect or two.

Likewise in an internal account review style deal examination.

The titles may well need a touch of work though.

The ones I heard may be a tad contentious.

After Evidence, then there’s probably partial evidence,. I wonder whether you might go further. How about ‘anecdotal’. Then there’s the Judgement. In selling, I’m thinking ‘estimation’, or even ‘hunch’ to ‘guess work’.

On what basis are certain areas of decision criteria being arrived at?

Remember that whilst deals are signed 100% on emotion, it’s funny what any presence of hard data can influence.

Get on the right side of the science too, and you’re home.

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