Gag Writer Right Reasons

Sometimes you must peek over into the other side.

Comic and Crazy Rich Asians movie star Ronny Chieng has a couple of sharp observations about life today on his Netflix stand-up show. Shame when interviewed he lacks affability.

Yet I did catch fascinating insight he shares learning from working on a (too often misfiring) satirical series.

It holds useful pointers for a solution sell pitch too;

[the writing team] always talk about, what does this joke [say], what are you trying to say? What are you trying to say with this joke?

And before … I was probably a lot more casual with that, in terms of like, I’m just trying to make people laugh.

[it] kind of drills into us like, okay, this is a funny joke, but what are you ultimately trying to say with it?

Are people going to laugh for the right reasons?

Is the point you’re making the point you want to make? And, if so, do it. And if it’s actually making the point, the opposite point to what you actually feel, maybe don’t do it.

Consider your Sale parallels. What are you trying to say with your pitch?

If you reflect that it’s merely trying to get every superbullet across, reciting corporate promoted lines or just prompting prospects to nod politely back, then may be a switch up is in order.

Are your audience engaging, for the right reasons?

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