Gareth's Lucky Tie Your Lucky Backdrop

Neckwear holds zero affection for me these days. I warmly applaud the dotcom boomers who got rid of such useless and stifling cloth of wrapped and dangling rag. Consigning it to the same history as the Croat presence who made it fashionable in the latter days of the French royal court. I doubt I shall ever wear one again.

Yet they can have their occasion I guess. And one belongs to history-making England football manager Gareth Southgate. Each time on the touchline during these Euros he has worn a particular tie (by a brand for which he is paid ‘ambassador’), England’s Three Lions have gone on to win.

I gather owning one yourself will set you back forty-nine quid.

An approximation of the design features above.

It struck me this will have plenty of happy selling uses over the next few weeks. Whether England prevail over Italy in Sunday’s Euro2020 Final or not. The supposed footballing powerhouse, codifier, seeder of the beautiful game no less, reach a tournament Final for the first time in 55 long years of hurt.

As Gareth is now being universally lauded as a special kind of manager.

See also background the always enjoyable Matthew Syed provides.

Now the (our) football manager is lavished not only with superlatives, but those magical, evocative labels underpinning true success with which so many in business yearn to be associated. Here’s a selection from the week’s print journalism;

successful (obviously, but also), meticulous, standards, progress, judgment, principled, consistency, clarity, shrewd, style, courage, empathy, modest, unshakeable, transformative, (& even) The Dude.

Themes which can readily apply to any solution sell.

Now you can pop up his tie design as a slide. And let a little of the current Ingerlund stardust shine on you.

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