Moon Wishing Power Washing

Moon wishing. Oh dear. Get out the crystals.

Apparently if you super-want something to happen, then according to ‘Japan’s leading astrologer’, Keiko, all you need do is write it down, visualise it, then ask out loud the moon to make it so.

She also terms this The Power Wish.

Offering a checklist of dos and don’ts.

Such as they’ll only work on the occasion of either New or Full Moon, start by writing “I intend to…” and create a visual of what she calls a ‘moon collage’.

With my appreciation for walls filled with meaningful imagery, I can’t resists citing the final item there in full;

Creating a visual image of your power wish will intensify its potency.

One option is to create a ‘moon collage’ of pictures that represent what you want. The idea is that pictures can help communicate your wishes (to the universe) more effectively than words.

The process is also thought to help stimulate the creative right side of your brain, making you better tuned to recognising ‘signs’ that the universe is working in your favour.

Yes, I sense this is all a bit wishy-washy.

Yet such moon collage is not a million miles away from any worthy sales-remixed dreamboard or inspiration wall.

Continuing the theme of Keiko, it could be the breakdown of how your target will be hit (/exceeded). How many people you will engage. Which type of persons. Actions that you will seek to cement.

Or it could feature the situation you want to find in a prospect. How the problem you resolve manifests itself. How you gain tacit description of it. Where you can uniquely shine when it is acknowledged.

In either case, it may well allow those precious ‘signs’ that the universe is working in your favour to be front and centre, and unmissable.

In other ways, it could prove a decent filter apply to your running listing of potential business.

If a deal on your forecast is a no-hoper then could it be dismissed as unattainable moon wish?

Whatever, the core point remains that you must ask, ‘what are you going to do to make your desired ‘win’ a reality?’

Are you doing enough already?

And how can you align and intensify your efforts’ potency?

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