Has Your Project An Emoji Available?

Available is a book launch campaign understandably plastering itself across the ad space of the web the moment. Specifically that frequented by those for whom ’50 is the new 30′ and variants thereof is their mantra.

Above I’ve posted a picture of recommendation as retweeted by the author. Very peachy.

You’ll notice the cheeky (ahem) imagery.

It’s a peach.

Note too its use to indicate a five-star review.

What’s of selling interest, is that many a tweet mentioning the book, doesn’t just feature the dating-lingo title as hashtag; #available.

There’s an accompanying emoji as well. Such the example shown from her publisher;

#Available 🍑 is empowering, funny and very peachy!

Yep. I know. Just like the aubergine emoji (which the author also uses on occasion) this has an altogether different meaning for some (almost all?) slang users.

But here you can at least mitigate that a little by way of matching the chosen book cover artwork. Although clearly the connection is front and centre for those in the know.

Whilst more formal, or likely to be forwarded prospectwide, email may not be the right place for emojis, more informal messaging could see it work.

Another distinguishing feature for your wares and style. [An idea on which I’ve blogged before.]

What emoji, though?

Not the aubergine, no.

But then there’s plenty with double-meanings you’d be advised to check.

I myself for current Video Calls That Sell endeavour considered this. Should I use a type of tick ✅? Or go for a WFA vibe; 🏖️? Maybe even a signed, sealed and delivered notion; 🔑?

The fact is there are so many emoji out there now, you may be surprised to be able to find both one that fits your bill and is unusual, memorable, seldom used. [Note the least-used tussle between aerial tramway & input symbol; 🚡 vs 🔣 (see also foot of post).]

It might only be a small, light-hearted, sparingly used trick, but one that might just help give you that edge with someone.

After all, if embraced by the prospect, it’ll at least make you unique.

Which introduces the possibility of an entertaining game to build key relationships. Could you ask a prospect;

“If your project was an emoji, which could it be?”


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