Give Your Patch A Funkapolitan Twist

Boris. How few people are recognised worldwide by their forename mononym alone.

From most privileged of educations to indefferent journalistic par excellence to London Mayor to (one such) figurehead of Brexit to the Foreign face of his country.

As he shuffles his prosperous frame onto the cushion of his freshly begun chief diplomat role, he provided customary red meat to his Party grassroots at their annual conference this week.

Starting with Russian autocracy, stirring in growing African despotcracy, mixed with 46m global refugees, he sought to plot a path for planetary safety steered by British values.

They duly lapped it up. Applause bellowed through his battery of pictorial depictions; the hairy eyeball, cyclotron, (castles of) Mitteleuropa, euro-creoles, gloomadon-poppers. Climaxing through shared pride Britain is a “soft power superpower”.

One widely reported section saw him modestly suggest London’s global cultural and creative allure and success was less down to his 8yr mayoralty, but more due to the incredible spirit of Londoners themselves. Who generate “a great jiving funkapolitan melting-pot”.

A phrase sure to baffle much of his audience. It beguiled the gathered scribes.

Whether he comically soundchecked shortlived pop music of early Eighties’ britfunk, alluded to the panicked in hiding or evoked an unfragrant place is a selling red-herring. His use of this new/unusual word owned that day’s media coverage.

He promoted his home town in an unforgettable way with just one neologism. Also a portmanteau. A word freshly formed by mixing elements of existing ones. They are often a winner. Can you coin one (with a sprinkle of poetic licence) to show your bid, product or firm in similarly memorable light? If you can, clients will happily melt in your jive pot.

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