The Eden Future Truth Sin


Here’s most of a story from today’s London Times print edition.

Although its veracity could be fuzzy – in the sense of a fisherman’s tale – it certainly has an eye-popping Sales angle. Fifty-six million of them, even.

Let me say this from the off. Cheating is not winning.


So how such soothsayer-slanted fibbing can be the “telling of future truths” sits most uneasily with me.


And yet there are boundary, grey areas of sometimes large and bending expanse.

I’m reminded for instance of hearing salespeople heartily inform one person that their colleague of note is wildly in favour of their bid to secure their immediate action on a progression. That really is not the path to huge, repeatable quota-busting.

Whereas painting a genuine picture of how a new albeit untested product ought flow joy forth … sometimes belief really does move mountains.

Category C.

Now there’s a construct.

How many of your bids are in your prospects’ Category As right now?

Then there’s the deliberately implied influence of a heavy third party. What would be your equivalent of obtaining a glowing, supportive Times editorial?

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