Going Outside Your Precinct

I learned of this term, used by tv series writers, through reviews of the second season of 'TV’s easiest current recommendation', 'outstanding restaurant-set drama', The Bear.

A somewhat timely launch, as Season One at the same time scored Thirteen Emmy nominations.

With setting now broken free from the original claustrophobic confines, citing London-based reviewer [sub'n req'd], Benji Wilson; "taking the action out of what writers call ‘the precinct’, which in this case is the Beef’s febrile kitchen, is generally calamitous".

It is perhaps hardly the spoiler alert to pass on that said critic lauds this second-serving with 5-stars as a welcome exception that proves the rule.

The beyond-Precinct example cited was when a sitcom cast all go off on holiday for no apparent reason. The result; "it’s usually a duffer".

I mention this in part - although I've not watched the show - because this concept of 'precinct' perks the sales antennae. It can be critical to solution selling endeavours.

For I too have seen far too many a good salesperson distracted by chasing a deal outside of where the action ought be. And I can attest that there does indeed appear a label that can be commonly applied to each such deal pursued; 'it's usually a duffer'.

That's not to say deals a little out of the ordinary cannot ever be taken on. After all, how else might progress come? Yet despite the allure of tantalising opportunities that may unfurl, true Sales success is rare. Maybe even at 'bluebird' levels.

Focus feeds favourable fruition.

Part of the issue can be, that a salesteam may not actually know their precinct boundaries. Let alone they're even in one in the first place. Not to mention that they're best off residing in one of their making.

By way of example, let's take the vaunted ideal customer profile.

I've blogged plenty down the years how, still today, the idea persists mainly only in terms of numbers. The demographics of those clever souls who have already bought or really should buy.

How many salesteams have an ideal prospect profile?

A hintlet; if you do, I feel you are well on the way to outperforming your sector.

Make these formed around less those numbers, but more the mentalities, and you will likely be seriously cooking.

Pinpointing where the magic happens is paramount. Which might not be a 'place', as in this case for Disney, but could be 'a state of mind'.

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