Are You Unlocking Existing Sales Inventory Full Potential Like Nato Members?

​The penny is dropping that the defensive alliance of Nato, formed lest we forget due to a principal threat against true democracy and freedom, is witnessing the façade crumble of said aggressive, maniacal power. This crazed, deluded adversary over the past eighteen months has lost 1,500 armoured vehicles and tanks without a single shot fired by any Nato personnel.

And don't bleat on about Putin's wild moan of Nato agreement not to enlarge East post-Soviet Union break-up; "you cheated us shamelessly". Yet another lie peddled by the mafia don. Even if you insist the spirit, rather than signed accord, of 1990 negotiations were later breached, you simply cannot ignore the dismantling of the time's "peace" and "stability" since by Russia, aimed at constant disruption and posing a clear and present danger to the way of life of its westward neighbours.

The criminal Russian invaders of Ukraine not only have appreciably out-of-date materiel, but they also suffer from an inability to keep it going. Years of corruption stifling innovation in that disease so classic of socialism coupled with maintenance contracts going to those with contacts rather than means, who enjoy permission to siphon away the tons of government money instead gleefully to their Swiss bank accounts.

You can identify every single supporter of Putin around the world by the fact that they do the same. Sadly including S Africa's ANC, by way of heartbreaking yet unsurprising example.

At the outset, with the botched attempt to take Kyiv in a weekend, we noted the Kremlin's inability to refuel trucks, fix tyres and replenish even food rations.

Stalled, sitting ducks for countless kilometres. The hapless, dispirited, neglected troops had to turn back.

A London held Land Warfare Conference in June [sub'n req'd] built on such themes. The secret weaponry to win wars being evidently not planes and tanks, but cranes.

Using the valiant defence of the outnumbered Ukrainians as example, a trio of related pointers can map onto our own Sales endeavours in the battlefield of our marketplace.

Technical Infrastructure

This being just as important on the battleground as the tanks that troops drive into the fight. Referring to how you keep the pointed end of your advances sharpened.

I've been struck on occasion embedded within salesteams how so much reliance is placed on the stellar skills of the salespeople alone.

Genuine, top-class support can so often be the clincher. Indomitable heroes are for Hollywood.

From qualified leads to technical expertise to rank-selling matches, a honed sales effort has these and more reliably on call.

Type of Kill

It is a rare deal indeed where absolutely everything, every time goes your way.

The military talks of M Kill and K Kill of a piece of kit. Phonetically referring to a Mobility or Catastrophic kill.

K feels akin to a showstopper. Where we're blown out, bigtime. Game over.

M on the other hand, is a setback which feels eminently reparable.

And on this ability to conduct running remedies, apparently, “it really is the least glamorous part of warfare. And yet it’s vital.”

First we ought have a way of gauging which of the two types we suffer. Then for Ms, we need to know how we can recover as quickly and well as possible.

What Ms are likely to befall us? What 'crane' can come to the rescue? And have we also the "workshop capacity" to recondition?

How Outdated?

One withering observation appears that 'outdated tanks are rotary dial telephones in an iPhone age'. Whilst there might well be better analogies, the point of a deployed technology being left behind by alternatives now on offer provides a valid comparison.

One such results inhibitor that I must highlight - with skin-in-the-game disclaimer - befalls those sellers not fully maximising video sales call performance. Do you remain prone to similarly falling down here?

In general, whilst there's not necessarily a need to embrace every single purported tech step up for our selling ends, someone whose opinion you can value will likely know of at least a little something that can help propel your ambitions in this regard.

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