Next Level Presenting Ad

These twenty seconds are from a trio of mid-23 ads from a campaign called 'it's all about teamwork'.

In case on first glance you weren't so sure, it's a parody.

Above we see Abe. You can also hear elsewhere that app design so good was probably down to the feedback of Michelle. And where now widespread freelancer use so useful due to originator Liam who was, "just to be clear", hired by Julia.

Spoof workplace it may be, yet it doesn't quite do its job.

Here's Exhibit A.

A donut.

Even peaked through the meeting room's glass walls, Abe certainly looks happy with himself.

Yet what self-respecting freelance chart designer would provide a donut?

And unless those four colours correspond to brand palettes, surely nor would they serve such up?

Likewise, Exhibit B.

After animating into view, if you get caught up pondering the lorem ipsum relevance of labels such as SPOON, wait 'til you realise that on this scale, five is half of ninety, and a difference of fifteen is the same as one of seventy.

Also, Abe, may I provide one essential presenting tip. Never speak with hand in pocket. Perhaps that's what he meant by, "and the way I'll present it [click] will really take things to the next level".

Love the emphasising side-mouthed palatal click there, hey. The accompanying illustrative hand sign though with adjustment would almost be a little piece of 'video calls that sell' best practice gesturing.

With a tangent leading to an inevitable question; did they use their own service to put this out to freelancers themselves?

If all that is meant to be a demonstration of high calibre freelance design work, then in time-honoured fashion, you can only marvel that the fault was with the brief. But even then...

With a slice of full disclosure, may I gently offer that my output on their platform comes at selling life from a wholly different place.

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