Gold Medal Graphics - Triangulation

As you probably know, I’m always on the lookout for great ways to display info. Methods that ditch pies, bars and bullets.

Courtesy of the Times, here’s the first of two neat new tricks.

Here’s Team GB’s performance against target on the medal front.


They are from pics I took of the paper itself of standings as at Days 7 & 9.


There’s a lot to admire. And not just in the stellar performance of the athletes.

It seems ideal for when tracking 3 variables. In this case, obviously Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Not only that, you can plot overall here on two different timelines; eventual and current. And compare actual versus planned.

I can think of so many applications for this. A recent example I personally have is sales performance across three chosen sectors of target client. And I could have gone for total addressable market against account penetration.

I shall definitely be looking out for the chance to have a go at this presentation tactic.

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