Google App Store Banners Slide Template Option

The top of the Android Play Store screen is not a piece of screen real estate I’ve ever paid much attention to.

Usually occupied by ads for apps I have no idea why they appear. All manner of games and useless frippery and social media bolt-on nonsense.

Yet one day this Spring I couldn’t help take note.

The glare and rotation speed almost reminiscent of myspace all those years back and its acid manic flashes.

Still, although only (thankfully) three in number, I was intrigued at any crossover to our slide work.

The first took on the glow of the sole app it promo’d. One for the kids, eh. Yet it only trails a single ‘new’ capability. I wonder how many of our b2b release pitches could learn from this alone?

The remaining pair were for categories of apps. Curated by random evilers back at the lair.

Unlike for the single app – where you presume that the accompanying image involves some of the trumpeted newness – I am struggling to see the chosen artwork relevance.

Certainly not whetting enough to tempt any “explore” or “discover” more through a quick tap.

Yet the format is simple. If it’s one that is consciously evolved, then perhaps we ought take a lead or two.

A single, catchy full bleed background colour. Solitary and short ‘benefit’-type statement. Action reminder alongside. Imagery to its right.

Can this template brighten up your next deck?

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