Can You Fashion An Emergency Rebrand Like Noble Planet Savers?

My re-usable takeaway coffee mug. Making many more video meetings. I know how impossible it is to get a little wind turbine on a Cape roof. No polyester clothing. Taking less flights than Emma Thompson. I’ve long been fond of trying to do my bit to save the planet. Despite massive swathes of the world not giving a fig. Even down to the “one less child”….

My recent post on presentation of a climate activist supporter, made me ponder on the rebranding of their movement.

Where once we had Swampy – a riffy guy living off the land (of other people) he happily disrupted – now we have besuited graduate articulates and scandi Asperger superstar schoolkids.

We first had Global Warming. This label seemed to conjure the wrong imagery. Whatever its scientific accuracy, it failed to fully “cut through”. So Climate Change took its place. Also not deemed sufficiently successful, this briefly became Climate Chaos. Before appearing to be now superseded by Climate Emergency. Sounding much more urgent.

Many a worthy group has risen to arrest our species’ slide with their own take. 10:10 , anti-Ecocide and 1.5 (degrees temperature increase limit – to stay alive) being just three.

But I worry this Emergency framing alone is not enough either. What about denuding the seas of fish, or the destruction wrought by autocracy, or the big one, irreparable over-population?

Still, there is something in this from a solution selling perspective.

Can you similarly rebrand your pitch and its impact?

Do you settle for the ‘factual’? Your version of the ‘warming’? Does this really move prospects?

Can you progress on to the change?

Or better yet, as shamefully that can all too often be a dirty word buyerside, evoke their emergency?

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