Gravitational Lensing

I've noted the gravitational pull on Sales before. In 2022 & 2016 for instance.

Now add to these leanings the discovery of an ultra-massive black hole.

The researchers from Durham University found something so vast as to be almost incomprehensible; 33 billion times larger than our sun.

The image up-top takes their project promo imagery, greyscales it, then applies my current blog purple colour.

They used a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. A galaxy in between act as a giant magnifying glass. As such it bends space, time, light. To the extent that we can actually see what is obscured.

This offers clear parallels within our solution selling constraints.

Where is there a large 'object' on a bid, specifically one which you sense might be shrouding from view other items?

Evoking gravitational lensing may well trigger ideas as to how you can uncover that hidden place, yet one with an impact - maybe even one that's ultramassive - on our ambitions.

Where can you use the obliterating element to help view what's behind?

What is being warped by its presence?

Which directions may be altered by that which stands in their way?

Who's being pulled by what?

Where is there distortion?

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