Gravitational Waves And Your New Pitch

At last. A hundred years after the thought. Einstein is proved right.

Boffins beside themselves. Everywhere.

Gravitational waves are finally detected.

I’ve heard a succession of scientists interviewed in the days after the announcement.

And none of them made any sense. At all.

Many mention two black holes coming together. But that’s about as far as you get before words come out, yet seem to be in a widely different language. Ones not understood by anyone else.

So it was with relief I found one journalist who decided to demand that most hated of stipulations. Explain it to me like I’m a 5yr-old.

And what do we get?

Toy dogs dropped. Spinning games holding hands. Big boats bobbing. Bowling balls on trampolines.

A simple message. Professors can use every-day analogies. And so should you.

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