Undiscovered London And Your Distinctive Pitch

I caught the 400th edition of S Africa’s weekly brand and journalism magazine show. Maggs on Media went to London. Interviewing the publicly funded Brand London CMO, here’s the host’s final question;

“What’s the one undiscovered place to go to in London?”

The interviewee was stumped. After umming and arhing, he plumped for Kew Gardens. Somewhere he once lived near. Not undiscovered as such, he confessed, but not visited enough he felt.

The marketing guy could have done better with this.

Still, the question was a winner.

I instantly thought on two angles.

First, when buying what you should be prepared for. This came to me as I was once asked “what’s the one thing that’d make your solution fail here?”. Which I thought was a bit naff. (I answered, “your commitment“). Here’s a different slant, channeling the undiscovered;

What’s the one thing clients should do with your product that you don’t see enough?

Second, and better for us sellers to quiz with, is there anything they want that they haven’t really seen yet;

What’s the one thing on possible solutions you still feel is missing?

Again, ‘undiscovered’ to the fore.

You could even redraft these and slot in the very word undiscovered. It’s a keeper.

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