Lift Your Prospect Brightness Judgement To Make Them Happy To Buy

“Brightness is a metaphor for happiness.”

So I discovered from a study finding listening to happy music makes us feel better. And people are paid to test this?

What is perhaps of interest to Sales, is why this is so.

It heightens our “brightness judgement”. We associate bright with happy.

Prospect Theory dictates when we pitch we invariably major on problems. “The forces of darkness”.

Buyers are more keen to stem losses than shoot for a gain.

Yet we can tap into a more vivid glow when talking solutions.

For our prospect must have enjoyed a sunny project in the recent past.

Isn’t the Annual Report full of fantastic feats? A trip to a dazzling horizon achieved? Teams and individuals with beams of starshine illuminating their hard work/genius?

Highlight these yourself. Immerse yourself in their shimmering aura. Suggest you and your proposal taps into went such endeavours are alight with glory. And let your prospects “look on the bright side”.

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