How Valentine Novelty Will Make Your Prospect Fall In Love With You

Valentines Day. Articles on romance flood our streams.

For instance, I learn about the three hormones involved; testosterone (sex drive), dopamine (romantic love) & oxytocin (attachment).

A biological anthropologist focused on driving up dopamine. Helen Fisher’s advice is clear;

“If you really want to fall in love with someone, do novel things together”.

She drums it in;

“Novelty, novelty, novelty”.

Surely there’s a link to Sales here.

Yes, we must cover the essentials.

But what about showing our flair? How can we ensure we’re not one of several indistinguishable, vanilla, cookie-cutter vendors? Can we major on our supposed critical difference; our personality?

Must every meeting take place at their place or yours? Why always send info via emailed pdf? Which other people can ‘run’ your meets rather than you?

Novelty won’t be for everyone. Lights on, lights off. But to smash quotas you need to offer more than a traditional, obvious dinner at a swanky restaurant.

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